The Unprofessional Artist

Andrew Berardini’s written this great ode to the ‘unprofessional’ artist; the opposite to the kind the machine is currently churning out endlessly.

I swoon when he says, ‘…an artist needs the courage to act alone and a community that makes such acts more bearable. One that allows us to be vulnerable, inappropriate, to go rogue, go wild, act weird, and fail.
To be amateurs, dabblers, dilettantes.

This doesn’t apply to artists’ alone, but to anyone fighting against being forced to fit in; square peg in a round hole and all that.

I’m fighting this fight at the moment; the fight to be allowed to explore, and be silly; and not have to pose posh; to be free of the panic (other people’s panic) that I will never succeed or make anything of myself. That I will be alone.
The fight is hard and it involves you being honest,
and telling said person that they’re not good for you at the moment;
that you need to step back from them a bit.
It’s hard to say this nicely; it’s easier to say f*$k off.
I picked the latter.
Call me ‘unprofessional’!


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