The best is yet to come?

Do you believe that ‘the best is yet to come’?
Do you live like you really believe it?

I read this inspiring post off LinkedIn and it really got me thinking!
This is by Emily Kellett, an HR Manager at Asda in Leeds. Real person…true story!

She says, ‘This is Patrick. He is 86 and he stopped me in Leeds yesterday to ask me how my day was. He then asked if by any chance I had time for a coffee.
Meetings cancelled – I spent 2 hours with the most wonderful man. He opened doors for me, told me about his marriage to his late wife and shared pictures of his family.
He said that when he had married his wife, he told her “the best is yet to come”….and that he still lives by that now.
Patrick was the perfect reminder that amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work, time really is the greatest gift to give someone. It was the best gift I’ve received in years.’


Everyday I realise how important it’s becoming to savour every minute. More because with each passing one, I have less to spare. And that makes time an even more valuable gift to give.



Humans Matter

“I was miserable being a widow. But I knew it was going to be hard to meet someone new. There is so much space junk out there. And a lot of older men are looking for a younger woman. But I had great hopes. I did my visualizations. I pictured a nice, younger, good-looking man. Every morning I wrote down just what I wanted. Then I found him on one of those dating sites. I was a little worried at first because his profile said: ‘I’m back, ladies.’ I thought that maybe he was a womanizer. But he also quoted a psalm in his profile, and it was a good psalm, so I sent him a smile emoji. We started chatting and decided to meet at the Metropolitan Museum. I walked up the stairs and there he was! Suit! Tie! Overcoat! So much better than his picture! We spent six hours at the wine bar. They had to kick us out. We started seeing each other regularly. I felt like I was sixteen. Nothing could bother me for months. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. Everything worked out just like I imagined. It will have been eight years together, this July.”

Humans of New York gives me glimpses into the stories that might exist behind the faces of the people around me; those who I know and those who I pass by.

Listening to Brandon Stanton on Design Matters this morning made me realise that often what we assume to be the end product, is actually one of the points along the journey. And it’s in the process that we grow, change, and know better each day what we want to achieve. Just like 366daysofinspriation is my process. Let’s see where it gets me!