The best is yet to come?

Do you believe that ‘the best is yet to come’?
Do you live like you really believe it?

I read this inspiring post off LinkedIn and it really got me thinking!
This is by Emily Kellett, an HR Manager at Asda in Leeds. Real person…true story!

She says, ‘This is Patrick. He is 86 and he stopped me in Leeds yesterday to ask me how my day was. He then asked if by any chance I had time for a coffee.
Meetings cancelled – I spent 2 hours with the most wonderful man. He opened doors for me, told me about his marriage to his late wife and shared pictures of his family.
He said that when he had married his wife, he told her “the best is yet to come”….and that he still lives by that now.
Patrick was the perfect reminder that amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work, time really is the greatest gift to give someone. It was the best gift I’ve received in years.’


Everyday I realise how important it’s becoming to savour every minute. More because with each passing one, I have less to spare. And that makes time an even more valuable gift to give.




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