I really love Garance Dore’s site and not so much for the fashion, but for the insights she gives you into being human amidst the trendy bags and coats. Garance started off with a blog and has grown into a successful entrepreneur and writer. And kudos to her for that. But the parts that I still like best, are all the bits that are original Garance – her humour and her interest in people.

Garance does this podcast series called Pardon My French which are conversations about life, creativity and inspiration. And of course she doesn’t talk to just about anyone about these things, but  people who have lived, made something out of their lives, or are trying really hard to.

The conversations are natural, funny, and I really love the one she’s done recently with comedian Gad Elmaleh and Alireza Niroomand who manages the Sant Ambroeus restaurant in New York.

I was struck when Gad posed the question – when was the last time you were truly surprised?  And he’s right, we don’t often find ourselves really really surprised. It’s actually quite a nice feeling to feel that!

I also found myself doing the rapid fire round at the end with them; asking myself the same questions that Garance asked them and they asked off each other…in the end, even though it’s an hour of your life, you feel like you’ve just had the nicest coffee with yourself; and you come away with a smile.

So give it a try; find a comfy couch and press PLAY!


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