#3 What makes your heart sing!

The inspiring Maria Popova now has 9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings but the lessons she shared from 7 years of Brain Pickings, still inspire me the most of all.

I love what she says about sleep; about realising that giving yourself the time and space to breathe and grow, is about respecting yourself. The world will keep moving and most things will or won’t change irrespective of whether you run the race .

Presence is far more rewarding than productivity! That’s something we know but it’s so so hard to put into practice.

Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time. And to take hard work.
Sadly true, but very rewarding when you actually end up living through it all.

My life so far has been a medley of shared experiences and borrowed wisdom. That I get to share it with you is my Brain Picking. Where this journey takes me, is anyone’s guess.


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