#8 The Minimalists

Today’s inspiration comes from The Minimalists –  Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who are encouraging people to live ‘considered’ lives.
And they’re doing this by example.
I discovered them via another ‘enrich your life’ website –  LifeEdited – where David Friedlander does an interview with Joshua.

The simplicity of what The Minimalists suggest is astounding, as is the questions they make you ask yourself! How much do you really need or use the stuff that surrounds you? Are you using objects as tools, or to fill up your time?  Or are these objects symbols of a hard-earned status?

Here’s their TED talk from 2014. There’s a whole minefield of inspiration in these fifteen odd minutes.

I encourage you to explore their ideas more. Minimalism might not be your thing at the first glance, but it’s guaranteed to make you think.


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