#6 Walking

Two men – William Helmreich and Matt Green – are both separately walking through the five boroughs of New York, one block at a time. Unbelievable and inspiring! Especially when I find it taxing to even to walk home from the bus stop!

And they’re doing this like a full-time job! Double unbelievable!!!

What are we missing, with every hour we spend in front of a screen? How can we imbibe at least a bit of their spirit, into our daily lives?

New Picture

Matt mentions how he’s never going to understand New York, that it’s not the point of his walk, and it’s actually quite a beautiful idea – being completely comfortable not knowing everything to happen, or that is.

Isn’t that the very point, life and love try to teach us on a daily basis? That it’s ok, not to know everything?
The beauty of the infinitely unknowable!


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