#4 5 x 15

Google 5×15 and the first thing that you get is a virtual calculator with the grand total of 75. But look further and you find the brilliant 5×15 talks programme – a simple idea of 5 speakers sharing important life lessons or musings for 15 minutes each to an audience ever hungry for inspiration.
Simple enough and very TED like…. and genius!

5×15 have been around a while and run across a few venues in London and one in Bristol. But if you can’t be there physically, there’s tons of footage to view on their Vimeo page.

My favourite video is the one by Toby Young. I’m still not completely convinced about his conclusion that our lives are governed by blind luck, but I’m definitely in sync with his ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings’ experience.

Keep watching even if you feel it’s dragging. There’s gold at the end of the long road, most days!

Toby Young @ 5×15 from 5×15 on Vimeo.


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