#6 Little triumphs are the pennies of self-esteem

It might take hours for me to find that little bit of inspiration to get through the day. But when I do, the ‘aha’ moment is amazing. And I realise that all I need is 5 seconds of reading for me to go – that’s the one for today!

Today, it’s Brain Pickings and a post on how to find yourself.

This magical piece advocates a life so different from the one we strive for; one that’s simple, devoid of the obvious desire to make money, and be important. It’s about gulping down books, and building up self awareness; the knowledge of who you are as a person once you cut through the crap!

I’d love to do that. And though I might not be able to do it in totality, I might be able to imbibe some of what the chapter says at least in spirit!


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