#5 From hobby to career!

Today I came across a piece that was inspired by the well-known photographer Steve McCurry. But more than remind me about his work and his famous Afghan Girl photograph, this piece inspired me to think about myself, and what I want from life.

Courtesy The Phoblographer, a site I’ve started to follow closely, here’s what I learnt from Marius Veith’s The 7 Secrets To Success I Learned From Meeting Steve McCurry:

You can’t be a good photographer if you don’t take photographs every day, if not all the time. You can’t be a good writer or a half decent ‘anything’ if you’re not doing it incessantly, and thinking, talking and sleeping the craft you want to pursue. Once a week just isn’t enough. When it goes from being a hobby to an ‘I-can’t-live-without-doing-it-all-the-time’, then you know you’re on to something!

You also have to create a lot, and I mean a lot, in order to produce one thing that is pure genius. It might happen months after you start creating, or even years. One can never tell.  But it’s probably a lie, or a compromise, if your moment of genius is in the first five works you’ve produced.

Marius had his own 365 project and it brought him the success he craved. That’s inspiring in itself!
Maybe I should start searching for other 365 projects!

It’s not the gear you buy or the label you give yourself;
it’s the act in itself that will make you a photographer, writer, artist, singer, actor…
You can’t become any of these if you don’t ‘do’, as Sol LeWitt advises.
It’s also working within the limitations of the craft, that sometimes inspires breathtaking work!

Marcus suggests going all in; doing what you want to be full-time. I’m not convinced about that.
I want to write, but I also want to pay my bills.
So until, that day comes when all I want to do is write inspiring stories about inspiring storytellers without stopping for breath, I’ll stick to hunting for one inspiration a day.


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