#1 Biz Stone

Among all his life achievements, the one other thing that Biz Stone is good at is with words. He inspires by example, and by honesty. And he’s smart and very readable. And co-founding Twitter is no easy or overnight feat, as you find out in Secrets of Success from the Co-Founder of Twitter.

After over 200 pages of examples and life stories, Biz ends with a poignant paragraph that I hope to memorise with time. One that will keep me getting out of bed and going in to work everyday.

After 200 pages of following his gut and creating one of the most successful and probably philanthropic (if he is to be believed) companies in the history of the noughties, he says –

‘I invite you to open your mind to new possibilities. Let’s fake it till we make it. Let’s create visions of an aspirational future.
You don’t have to quit your job. Just think about what might change your trajectory by half a degree. It could be that when you come home every night your first words are “I’m home! How can I help?” Try doing that. You may have a shitty job. You don’t like it. You do it for the money, even if the money isn’t great. Try to look at your work in a different way. Find something about your life that’s great. Follow that thread. Volunteer. Even if you’re in the worst possible situation, there’s hope. Challenge yourself. Set your own bar. Redefine your success metrics. Create opportunities for yourself. Reassess your situation.
We are all marching together. We’re headed toward something big, and it’s going to be good.’

You might not believe him. You might not believe me when I say that his words give me hope. But when you’re struggling to catch straws and make your own sunshine, I recommend you turn to these. And you know what, they do help!

Every day, every hour, I now ask myself, ‘What would Biz do?’ And I feel better already!


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